Manage This!: the Bridal Edition

In celebration of some recent news – my best friend is engaged! – Manage This! is going bridal for the month of April.

Weddings and bridal events open a whole new realm of planning; these kinds of events are often dictated by one person, the bride, and can be incredibly difficult in setting off without a hitch.

Thus, I’m going to ask for a little help from my Pinterest friends in creating the
Top Tips for Bridal Event Planners.

One of the first things that many brides wonder after the excitement of engagement wears off is: how the heck am I going to pay for an entire wedding?!

This is right about the point we’re at in my best friend’s engagement as well, and it’s important to know that a great wedding event CAN be affordable.

Take some advice from our friends at Bridal Musings, for example, when initiating the budget conversation:

Bridal Musings
Do plenty of research.
Decide who’s paying.
Always create a contingency plan!

See the full article here.

Aside from budget woes and wonders, another huge part of a successful wedding event is a proper venue that is appropriate for the amount of guests being invited.

Oh Lovely Day gives some great advice for necessary questions to be asked when planning for venues, including everything from questions for the venue itself and tactics for using resources the bride already has to find the best venue location.

Oh, happy day!

Some venue questions:

  1.        Do you want your ceremony and reception to be in one location? (This is often more affordable and convenient!)
  2.       What time of year will you be getting married?

Some resource options:

  1.        Ask married friends who have gotten married in the same place.  They may have done a venue search and can recommend some places or tell you places to avoid.
  2.       If you’re in a larger area buy a wedding magazine specific to that area, like The Knot Southern California, which has ads and listings for local venues.

And, finally, some equally important questions that any event planner or bride needs to ask when in the pre-prep stage!

  1.        Can we use any vendors we want?  Do you have any vendor requirements or restrictions?
  2.        What are the extra fees or hidden costs?  Sometimes ceremonies cost extra.  There is a fee if you go over a certain number of people.
  3.         Do you have a minimum cost that we must meet?  Many venues do, and while they are usually easy to meet, if the minimum is $20,000 and that is more than your budget, that is not the venue for you.

There are many things a bride and her event planner must do in order to put on a truly great wedding event, aside from the few discussed here. For more great tips and tricks, visit Style Me Pretty’s blog on wonderful weddings.

In the meantime, my bride-to-be and I will pose a question to all of you:

In your wedding experience, what aspect has been a “maker” or “breaker” for nuptial success?

Stay tuned for another edition of Manage This!: the Bridal Edition.

Manage This!: the Bridal Edition

Photo credit to: Style Me Pretty, Bridal Musings & Oh Happy Day.